Maintain complete project control with quality, accuracy, and consistent progress

Our senior professionals oversee all aspects of construction needed

DND can provide clerking services for the construction or restoration of a project.

Clerk(s) onsite can monitor and document workers onsite with daily sign-in/sign-out sheets and note where workers are working as well as the tasks being performed.

Equipment onsite can also be tracked using equipment codes or serial numbers, again noting the type of equipment and specific location on each day. Consumables can also be monitored and documented with clerking services.

Monitoring onsite activity, a clerk can be a valuable resource for project management to help monitor progress of the job or any issues or concerns that arise. The documentation provided by the clerk(s) also helps with invoicing and provides backup documentation for charges for labor and equipment.

On more complex projects, a clerk can serve as the conduit between project management, architects, engineers, and other professionals involved with the project. Feel free to reach out to DND regarding our experience with clerking services and for help you may need on your next project.