Program Management/Owner’s Representative

Ensuring the client's best interests
are at the heart of every decision

Representation & Liaison

DND Construction Services can be your representation and liaison between your broker, design team, landlords, contractors, and vendors. Our extensive knowledge of design, construction, phasing and relocation make us uniquely positioned to manage and represent your project in all phases from pre- to post-construction.

Pre-Construction Construction Post-Construction


Program Alternative Analysis

Analyze alternative options based upon location, operation constraints, economics, or other business drivers to develop pros and cons of each option

Master Schedule Development

Create milestone schedule incorporating all owner activities, design and construction tasks, and other requirements for program success

Conceptual Estimating

Generate estimate or confirm cost projections for project prior to substantial design completion

Designer and Contractor Selection

Identify and/or solicit for design and construction professionals

Site Logistics Evaluation and Planning

Identify site constraints, continuing operations protocols, and options to reduce economic impacts


Progress Monitoring and Reporting

Overall project monitoring and periodic reporting of performance and impacts to on-time and on budget completion

Budget Monitoring

Monitor budget to ensure appropriate funding, cash flow, and timely notice of potential cost increases

Designer or Contractor Coordination

Coordination of submittals, requests for information, any communication issues that impact project successful completion

Change Order Evaluation

Evaluate change order entitlement and pricing

Payment Application Review

Review payment applications for correct billing, proper supporting documentation, and appropriate billing based upon acceptable completed work

Schedule Review and Monitoring

Review of initial and interim schedules for realism and completeness, monitor progress of work recording actual progress relative to planned schedule

Periodic/Full Time Field Inspection

On-site observation of progress of the work, monitoring of time and material work, review of quality and contract compliance

Test and Inspection Monitoring

Track testing and inspection and ensure appropriate resolution of items not in compliance


Contract Closeout Administration

Ensure O&M manuals, as-builts, and warranty documentation submitted, review and verification of punch list completion, final budget reconciliation

Owner FFE Installation Coordination

Coordinate separate contractors, furniture, fixtures, and equipment, installation, and owner move in

Claims/Change Order Dispute Resolution

Assist in mediating and settling disputed costs or claims